MD Cress Ventures investing in Austin based ProvidaCare



Michael Cress

Austin, TX – February 1, 2014 –MD Cress Ventures, a healthcare focused venture firm is expanding with an investment in the disease management space.

MD Cress Ventures has made a strategic investment in ProvidaCare, a disease management company based in Austin Texas. The MD Cress Ventures management team will operate the company with plans to expand throughout the Texas market.

“We believe that through personalized treatment and ongoing monitoring, our patients can better manage their conditions, leading to a higher quality of life and reduced hospital admissions” said Ryan Bennett, Managing Partner of MD Cress Ventures.

About ProvidaCare ProvidaCare works with physicians to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from chronic respiratory issues such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and neuro-muscular diseases impacting the respiratory system (ALS, MS).

About MD Ventures MD Cress Ventures and its principles are focused on developing, owning and operating strong regional and national healthcare concepts. We combine extensive experience in operations, strategy and transactions to rapidly deliver significant value-add.

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