MD Cress Ventures investing in Austin based Sleep Diagnostics companies



Michael Cress / (512) 852-4329

Austin, TX – June 26, 2013 –MD Cress Ventures, a healthcare focused venture firm is expanding its footprint into the sleep medicine space.

MD Cress Ventures through its portfolio company, Sleep Research, has invested $2.6M into sleep diagnostic companies in the central Texas area with plans to expand services nationally.

“We think that sleep medicine along with exercise and nutrition, is a critical part of overall health with over forty million Americans suffering from a sleep disorder and half of those from obstructive sleep apnea,” said Michael Cress, Managing Partner of MD Cress Ventures. “Untreated sleep disorders can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stoke and other serious problems.”

About Sleep Research

Sleep Research is a privately held healthcare company focused on diagnostics, treating and improving the clinical outcomes of patients with sleep apnea and related chronic diseases.

About MD Cress Ventures

MD Cress Ventures and its principles are focused on developing, owning and operating strong regional and national healthcare concepts. We combine extensive experience in operations, strategy and transactions to rapidly deliver significant value-add.

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